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Work permit in Hungary

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Work permit in Hungary

In case you want to relocate to Hungary, there are several ways of obtaining a Hungarian resident permit. One is to find a job which requires your full-time presence in Hungary – then you can apply for a work permit and resident permit based on your employment. While EU nationals generally do not need work visas, non-EU citizens usually do need this document.

The first step of getting a work visa is finding a position and signing a labor contract. We do not usually do job searches for our clients, but we can refer you to some English-language job portals where you can search for a job in Budapest. We can also offer you consulting on the formalities of employment in Hungary. Finally, once you have found a job, we will happily handle your work permit and residency permit application, and the related paperwork.

You will need a personal tax number and social security number, so your employer can put you on payroll. You will also need the resident permit, which we will handle jointly with the work permit application – since, as of January 2014, there is a single permit that unites what were formerly known as work permit and residency for employment purposes. Finally, if you are bringing along your family to Hungary, they will also need social security numbers and dependent visas, which will give them the same rights and duties as you will have as a Hungarian resident.

We also offer our services to local employers who are looking for foreign candidates, as either you are a prospective employer or employee, you’ll find it useful to be informed about work permit regulations. It is important to note that candidates cannot present their work visa in advance, as they will get it only based on the already signed contract.

For more information, please contact our colleagues via the form below, who can help you out at the Immigration services at Helpers Hungary, or call our office on +36.1.317.8570 Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. CET.

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