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Expedited citizenship for investors in Hungary

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Expedited citizenship for investors in Hungary

In our globalized age, international business often requires businessmen to travel around the world, often on short notice, in order to ensure they won’t miss a chance for a good deal. In these cases, time is essential: there is no time to waste on lengthy visa administration. Luckily, European investor immigration programs have the solution with expedited citizenship and resident permit offers.

Several European countries offer the opportunity for wealthy businessmen to purchase government bonds, in exchange for which they may receive permanent resident permits, or even Hungarian citizenship, with which they can travel freely, without a visa within Europe (the Schengen visa zone), without suffering any delays. Of these immigration programs, the Hungarian is the most cost-effective: for an investment of EUR 300,000, you get a permanent resident permit for yourself and your family (spouse and underage children). As this is an investment, the money is refurbished at the end of the five year investment period, so the real cost of participation is only EUR 60,000, the government processing fee.

Permanent residency is as good as citizenship, as it offers very similar rights (visa-free travel in the Schengen zone, without the obligation of becoming a tax-resident). Usually, citizenship becomes available after years of permanent residency. However, an expedited citizenship option will most likely become available later in 2015. Watch this space for more information about fast-track citizenship process in Hungary and get expedited citizenship!

For more information on the Hungarian investment citizenship program, click here, or consult Mo Shaban on or by calling our office at +36.1.317.8570 (Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. CET). You might also find a comprehensive, constantly updated list of European citizenship programs here. Ask for a free initial consultation, so you can decide which of our service packages best suits your needs!

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