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Employee search in Budapest

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Employee search in Budapest

Helpers Hungary offers full service connected to company set-up. After forming a new company, you may find it difficult to find quality employees since candidates are often daunted by the prospect of having to set up a whole new operation, especially alongside a director who is new to Hungary or not even based here. However, thanks to our extensive network of professionals and ten years of experience in business services, we might already know your future employee!

Why choose employee search from Helpers?

All in one place – As we are already helping our clients with the processes connected to starting their company, you already know us. Over the daily contact, we can help you survey your own needs, which makes it easier to find the right employee for your company.

Saves you time and money – No need for searching for and consulting costly recruitment agencies and headhunters.

Extensive network of professionals – Our daily work is supported by the hard work of the dozens of professionals we cooperate with on various projects: translators; copywriters; market researchers; helpers, runners and temps; our trusted lawyer, accountant, IT expert, systems administrator and finance advisor; and the network of partners and subcontractors who help us realize our clients’ projects. This way the employee you need might already be on or contact list.

10 years of experience – Over the last decade we have assisted the start-up of several companies, including assistance with employee search. We know how to set the most important requirements, where to start the search, how to filter the candidates, and how to choose the right person for your company.

In order to receive more information about employee search and staffing solutions, click here. For more info about our business services and assistance for company set-up, please do not hesitate to contact key account manager Lívia Buzás at, or call our office on +36.1.317.8570. We would be happy to help you!

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