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Relaxing pandemic related restrictions in July in Hungary

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Relaxing pandemic related restrictions in July in Hungary

Last updated on 22 October 2021.

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Thanks to the ebbing of the last wave of the coronavirus pandemic and the rising number of vaccinated people in Hungary, more and more spaces and facilities become accessible again. Starting from 3 July, after 5.5 million people received at least their first dose of a vaccine, pandemic related restrictions have been relaxed again.

The following article is based on the government’s press conference (24 June), confirmed by the official decree (30 June) and a new press release (30 June).

Wearing a mask, social distancing, immunity certificate

Wearing a mask has not been obligatory in all public spaces since the end of May. After we reached the next milestone with 5.5 million vaccinated with a first dose, you are now not required to wear a mask in public transport, shops and other public spaces, moreover, you do not even need an immunity certificate to visit hotels, restaurants, spas, beaches, or even cultural events and concerts where you are seated. However, wearing a mask cannot be forbidden to anyone.

While visiting health-care facilities and nursing homes, you must continue to wear a mask.

The rules for social distancing are relaxed:

  • Up to 100 people are allowed to participate at private and family functions without restrictions (instead of the previous 50)
  • Up to 400 people are allowed to participate at wedding receptions without restrictions (instead of the previous 200)

Rules relevant for shops are abolished (mentioned in the press release):

  • 1 customer / 10 sqm
  • social distancing requirement

You still need an immunity certificate to visit mass events, sporting events, and concerts or bars where you can dance. The app has recently been updated to show the type of vaccine you received and the date of the second dose, same as the EU green pass.

EU Digital Green Certificate

The EU Digital Green Certificate is an electronic pass you can use for travel around the EU. It is not a requirement in itself, but it is designed to facilitate travel and promote the freedom of movement within the EU. In this regard, it is equivalent to the Hungarian immunity certificate, and holders may enter Hungary without further requirements. The system is available as of 1 July, after Hungary also joined the EU-wide gateway for making COVID related personal data accessible.

If you opt for the green pass, it will feature your personal information (name and date of birth), together with information regarding:

  • whether you are vaccinated,
  • whether you have a negative PCR test, or
  • whether you have recovered from COVID-19.  

The information is readable through a QR code.

On 14 July: The EU Digital Green certificate is now available not only in a PDF format through EESZT, in a hard copy from your family doctor (GP) or in any government office (“kormányablak”), but also in the updated EESZT app for Android phones. Find out more here.

If you still want to download the PDF:

  • Go to the EESZT website:
  • Choose option 4: “Uniós digitális Covid-igazolvány”.
  • Choose option 1: “Lakossági portálon keresztül” (in browser).
  • You arrive on an info page that details the procedure. Press “Start”: the big red button on the middle of the page.
  • You will be redirected to the “Ügyfélkapu” login page: log in to EESZT with your user name and log-in for e-administration.
  • When you are back in EESZT, select the type of certificate you need: “Oltási igazolvány” if you were vaccinated, “tesztigazolvány” if you have a negative PCR test, or “gyógyultsági igazolvány” if you have recently recovered from COVID.
  • A list view will appear, from which you can download your EU green pass in a PDF format. (If you have been vaccinated in 2 doses, choose the certificate for the second dose; it will have the most recent date in the list.) Just select the line you need, and press big blue button below: “Igazolvány letöltése”.

Border crossing

While the rules introduced in September 2020 (complemented by rules pertaining to business travel in March 2021) supposed to still apply, border control on Schengen inner borders was removed on 23 June. You can enter Hungary without any restrictions if you are coming from one of the following countries (unless you are coming by a commercial flight):

  • Austria
  • Romania
  • Serbia
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia

People with an EU Digital Green Certificate, a Hungarian immunity card or with an immunity card issued in a country that accepts the Hungarian immunity card may enter Hungary without observing the 10-day quarantine. The list of such countries keeps extending; it was last updated on 23 July.

  • Albania
  • Bahrein
  • Croatia
  • Cyprus
  • Czech Republic
  • Georgia
  • Kazakhstan
  • Moldova
  • Mongolia
  • Montenegro
  • Morocco
  • North Macedonia
  • Romania
  • San Marino
  • Serbia
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Turkey
  • Ukraine
  • Uzbekistan

State of emergency

The state of emergency is still extended until the end of September or early October. Regarding daily life, its most visible effect is that documents expired since 4 November 2020 continue to be accepted as valid in Hungary. However, please note that since the expiry date on the documents themselves does not change, they might not be accepted abroad.

  • The validity of Hungarian documents is extended until 60 days after the end of the state of emergency.
  • The validity of the documents of third-country nationals in Hungary is extended until 30 days after the end of the state of emergency.

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