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How to immigrate to Europe from the US?

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How to immigrate to Europe from the US?

If you are a US citizen, you can travel to 174 countries and territories without a visa. If you want to visit Europe, you only need your American passport, and you will be granted entry to the Schengen zone without questions. However, if you would come to stay, that is, immigrate to Europe from the US, that’s a different story.

So, how to immigrate to Europe from the US?

If you want to immigrate, most countries will require some proof that you will be useful for the given society. “Useful” here means you are not going just to loaf about, but actually work (either as an employee or as managing your own company), buy or rent property, or invest into local projects.

As a result, before you can immigrate to Europe from the US, you should find this “useful” thing on which you can base your residency application – so you become eligible for residency. You have to find a job, or if you are more confident, you can start your own company.

Is there an easier way?

Of course there is! In Europe, several countries offer “golden visa” programs which guarantee a quick and easy immigration process to any nationalities, including American citizens. These are also called “investment immigration programs”, since they regularly involve making a significant investment – usually either to local property or to government bonds. You can find a comparison of the most popular programs here.

Why should I choose an investment immigration program?

The main advantage of European investment immigration programs is that they are fast. If you decide to go on, you can become a resident of Europe in a matter of weeks. This way you do not have to find a job or come up with a viable business plan in order to set up a successful company – you just invest your money, and you become eligible. It’s as simple as that.

Moreover, as this is an investment, you will get your money back in due time. Where you are required to purchase property of great value, you can rent it; where you buy bonds, the investment sum will be returned to you after a fixed term. So the only cost of these programs is the processing fee, which vary from country to country.

Will I also become a tax resident?

That’s the best part: you become a tax resident only if you want to. You pay taxes only if you have income. If you come to Europe through a residency bond program, you do not have to pay income tax until you have local income. On the other hand, there are double taxation agreements in place between the US and many European countries – meaning that you do not have to pay taxes both in the United States and e.g. in Hungary for the same one income you have.


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