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3 recruitment mistakes to avoid at your Hungarian company

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3 recruitment mistakes to avoid at your Hungarian company

Are you expanding your business with new employees? How is it going? Make sure you are avoiding the most typical recruitment mistakes, and reduce the time, stress, and costs related to making new hires at your Hungarian company.

1. Being too liberal with the title of the position

When posting a job ad, specifying the name of the position you want to fill is necessary, but not enough. Make sure the tasks are well summarized by the title you have chosen. Indicating additional tasks is always an option, but if the sum of the listed tasks outlines a role that is different from that implied by the title, you will have a hard time finding a person that meets the requirements for both the title and the description.

For example, if you have an IT company, do not indicate “architect” in your ad if you need a team leader, a senior developer, or a product owner. All of these are senior positions, but cover different skillsets, and may need different personality types.

2. Neglecting typical salary expectations

If you want to attract talent, you must offer a competitive salary. If you are not sure about realistic salaries for the position you are planning to advertise for, research what is typical for the same or similar jobs. You can start by looking for other advertisements for similar roles, and you can also ask for assistance from a recruitment agency, who may have better insight on the topic.

For example, if you cannot make a competitive offer after the interview(s), the candidate will turn it down, and you have wasted the time of both the candidate and your own.

3. Making the candidate wait too much

If you want a role filled at your Hungarian company, you must dedicate resources to finding a new employee, which means not only budgeting and creating the ad, but also allocating your time to the procedure. This includes making the right preparations before you post the advertisement, such as defining what you need, allocating the budget, and designating colleagues to be involved in recruitment. If more than two weeks pass from first contact between your company and the candidate to making an offer, you are doing something wrong.

For example, there might be too many people involved, making scheduling interviews difficult. However, if you cannot find time for your candidate, someone else will.

Clear concept and clear communication support the procedure

As seen from the above, the most common recruitment mistakes can all be traced back to not allocating the appropriate time and consideration to the procedure. You should consider what you need and what you can offer before you post the ad, and communicate both your expectations and the benefits clearly. Then you must ensure that the colleagues involved make time for the interviews and the decision making, so you can decide if you want to make an offer to the candidate before they accept another position at your competitor.

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