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Team building for productivity – We are going on a company retreat!

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Team building for productivity – We are going on a company retreat!

When a lot of people work together on joint projects, good cooperation and smooth teamwork is crucial to complete tasks efficiently. In order to create a proper team out of people working next to each other, team building is essential – that’s why Helpers Hungary is going on a company retreat this weekend.

What is a company retreat?

A company retreat is when the workers of a company leave the work space for a few days, and “retreat” to a different environment, for example, to the countryside. There they can spend some time together outside of their regular work-related surroundings. This makes it possible for them to get to know each other as persons as well as colleagues.

What are the best team building activities?

When we talk about team building, you do not have to think of anything complicated. Even the simplest activities may be good for team building. You can go hiking, biking, play board games, eat together at a restaurant – or, if you prefer something more fancy, you can visit an escape room, an adventure park or go to a wine tasting together. It will be important to find an activity which all your colleagues find attractive, so they will be happy to participate.

Choosing and then organizing a team building event might require some experience. However, many HR consultants are also skilled at that, and they will be able to suggest you various team building activities.

Having fun for productivity?

If you know your colleagues better, that makes working together easier, which means quicker, more efficient, and thus, cheaper. This way you may consider organizing a team building activity as an investment. Participating at a team building event takes time away from work in the short run, but makes work more productive in the long run.

What’s next?

This weekend the Helpers Hungary team, management members, old hands and junior colleagues alike – will go to the countryside together. We will have some fun, have a rest, and generally spend some time together, getting to know each other better. So on Friday and Saturday do not look for us at the office – we will be away!

See you on Monday!

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