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Start looking for a house for your Hungarian golden visa

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Start looking for a house for your Hungarian golden visa

Interested in getting a Hungarian golden visa by buying property? The application period for the Hungarian golden visa program does not start until July 2024, but it is wise to start looking for residential real estate in Hungary now.

Start house hunting now

Why the rush? Well, acquiring real estate in Hungary, particularly for third-country nationals, can be time-consuming. You will need to find a property you like and handle the paperwork well in advance.

Moreover, there are not many properties in Budapest or nearby that meet the main requirement (worth at least EUR 500,000). So, if you are eyeing real estate around the capital, it is best to act promptly while there is more to choose from.

Property purchase in Hungary

When it comes to buying real estate for your golden visa, there are no shortcuts. However, working with a professional team like Helpers can streamline the process. We will assist in finding the right property and handling legal matters, like dealing with the land registry. Keep in mind, you will also need to pay a 4% property purchase tax shortly after the sale.

As a third-country national, purchasing property in Hungary requires a permit from the local municipality, which is tied to the property itself. You can apply for this permit only after agreeing with the seller, and it typically takes about a month to receive.

Additionally, you will need to meet specific conditions for the guest investor residency:

  • The property must be a single piece, not multiple units totaling EUR 500,000.
  • No outstanding claims or mortgages on the property.
  • Official appraisal and certification of value proving the property meets the EUR 500,000 requirement.
  • Commitment not to sell the property for at least 5 years, specified in the deed.
  • The contract must include clauses supporting your eligibility for the golden visa program.

Get started now

Despite the application period starting in July, it’s advisable to begin the process early if you aim to obtain Hungarian residency promptly.

The most time-sensitive aspects of property purchase are finding a suitable property that meets both your needs and visa requirements, and obtaining the purchase permit from the local municipality, which cannot be requested until you have reached an agreement with the seller.

Helpers specializes in real estate investment, property management, and residency applications. With our expertise and network of local professionals, we can provide access to the best deals, including unlisted properties. We are ready to assist you through the entire application process, from property search to obtaining your 10-year residence permit.

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