How to get Hungarian residency as a financially independent person?

Several European countries offer residency for financially independent individuals. While Hungary does not have such a program, the golden visa program set to launch in July 2024 is an excellent alternative, just like some other Hungarian residency options. Understanding financial independence Typically, you can apply for EU residency if you have a specific purpose, such…

Reale state funds in the Hungarian Golden Visa Program

Get an overview of how real estate funds work, and what you need to keep in mind if you want Hungarian residency through this type of investment.

Guest investor visa and guest investor residency in Hungary

In the new Hungarian golden visa program, you will need both a guest investor visa and a guest investor resident permit. But what is the difference and how do they work? Find out more below.

Start looking for a house for your Hungarian golden visa

Interested in getting a Hungarian golden visa by buying property? The application period for the Hungarian golden visa program does not start until July 2024, but it is wise to start looking for residential real estate in Hungary now.

Real Estate Residency and Guest Investor Residency in Hungary

Last week, Hungary announced a new golden visa program set to launch in 2024 (exact date pending). However, Hungarian residency is currently attainable through real estate investment. The question arises: wait for the new program or act now? Let’s explore.

New Hungarian Golden Visa program announced for Investors

Today, the Hungarian government has published plans to introduce a new golden visa option for investors (known in Hungarian as “guest investor residence permit”), making this the latest and most attractive investment residency program in the EU.

Budapest: a multicultural city

According to the results of the last census, the number of foreign nationals living in Budapest as well as Hungary has been growing steadily over the last 20 years. In some of the more popular districts, almost a quarter of the residents are foreigners. Hungarian residency remains simple and transparent compared to EU standards.

Foreign-owned companies are on the rise in Hungary

Foreign-owned companies have been contributing massively to Hungarian economy over the last fifteen years. Get an overview of what this means in numbers, and consider how your business might fit a niche on the Hungarian market.