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Real Estate Residency and Guest Investor Residency in Hungary

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Real Estate Residency and Guest Investor Residency in Hungary

Last week, Hungary announced a new golden visa program set to launch in 2024 (exact date pending). However, Hungarian residency is currently attainable through real estate investment. The question arises: wait for the new program or act now? Let’s explore.

Investment Residency in Hungary Now

Presently, you can secure investment residency in Hungary through real estate. By establishing a company and investing in rental properties, you qualify for Hungarian residency based on the steady income generated by your property management venture. This residency extends to your family members (spouse and underage children) who can apply for family unification.

Initially granted for about 2 years, residency is easily extendable, particularly if you’ve spent a significant amount of time in Hungary. More details on real estate residency can be found here.

The New Investment Residency Program

If approved by the Parliament, the new Hungarian golden visa program will launch in 2024. This program directly ties Hungarian residency to investment or donation, eliminating the need for company setup. Family members can apply for residency alongside the investor, bypassing the wait for the main applicant’s decision.

This new state-approved golden visa, named the guest investor residence permit, remains valid for 10 years, with extensions possible as long as the investment is maintained.

Investment Residency at a Glance

 Available Now: Real Estate ResidencyAvailable from 2024: New Guest Investor Program
Investment:  Investment in residential real estate (to be rented out) at EUR 100-120,000 per flat (2 flats recommended).Three options – EUR 250,000 in real estate bonds, EUR 500,000 in residential real estate, or EUR 1 million donation to culture or education.  
Processing FeeEUR 20,000Data not available
Company Setup:RequiredNot required
Family Unification:After the main applicantTogether with the main applicant
Residency:2 years to start; renewable10 years to start; renewable
Passport Validity:  RelevantNot relevant
Minimum Stay Requirement:  At least 183/365 days required for easy renewalNone

Which Option to Choose?

While the new program offers significant benefits, its acceptance by the Hungarian Parliament is pending, although anticipated to start in early 2024. Get in touch to receive updates. Meanwhile, you may also consult our experts on the existing real estate investment option, providing flexibility, steady rental income, and the opportunity for permanent residency after three years.

Helpers Will Be Here to Help You

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