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Seat upgrade – get a new virtual office today

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Seat upgrade – get a new virtual office today

Are you really satisfied with your current registered seat provider? What kind of services do you receive? Have a seat upgrade to a virtual office with the Helpers Team, and let we take care of mail forwarding for your Hungarian company so you can focus on growing your business. As a bonus, we cover the expenses of modifying your company seat.

Where is your registered seat?

Normally, it makes sense to have your Hungarian company’s registered seat with a seat provider instead of at the location of your actual shop, office, or warehouse. Businesses tend to move around a lot, whereas the registered seat should better stay in one place; this is because authorities expect to be able to find you there, and modifying your registered seat costs you time and money.

Usually, your registered seat has competent personnel available in regular working hours (Monday through Friday during the day) to receive your incoming mail. Official mail sometimes arrives with a return receipt, so either there is someone to receive it at your seat, or you have to go pick it up at the post office, which can cause delays. Since such official letters often require prompt action, it is essential that you receive them as soon as possible.

What is a virtual office?

Most registered seat providers only receive and forward incoming mail. That is good, but it can be better. If you allow the personnel at the registered seat provider to open your Hungarian company’s official mail, they can act as your secretary and handle your mail on your behalf. In that case, we already talk about a virtual office service instead of a simple registered seat service.

Helpers offers a virtual office, and it has huge benefits for both newly registered and well-established companies. Newly registered companies can delay hiring an employee until business picks up, and their mail will still be processed appropriately. Well-established companies can save time on administration, and employees can focus on other tasks.

In many cases, it is best if the mail is forwarded alongside a short English summary, since authorities tend to send lengthy letters detailing all the relevant regulations on which they have based their enquiry or their decision, all in Hungarian. These letters usually also require timely reply or action, which makes having an English summary both convenient and crucial. Since Helpers has 15+ years of experience working with foreign business owners, we know how to present the gist to you in an actionable manner.

Having a virtual office can give a boost to your accounting department. When the staff of the virtual office provider processes the company’s mail, they will see if letters are intended for the accountant, and they can forward it directly there, without the delay of sending it to the managing director / other employees first. This leaves the accountant more time to act on the contents and properly address the issue, improving the quality of the accounting service, making it more effective regarding both costs and procedures.

Seat upgrade with the Helpers Team

Do you think your Hungarian company would benefit from the service described above? Then move your registered seat to Helpers, and we will take care of:

  • Receiving official mail on your behalf
  • Opening and sorting mail
  • Forwarding scanned copies immediately and physical copies regularly
  • Providing a short English summary when necessary
  • Forwarding mail directly to your accountant at Helpers Finance

What is more, if you switch to our registered seat provider, we cover the costs of company modification. Our trusted lawyer takes care of the procedure, and you can start taking advantage of the new service in no time.

Upgrade your registered seat

The registered seat provided by the Helpers Team is much more than just that. It is a virtual office service with comprehensive mail forwarding that includes sorting letters and forwarding them to you or your accountant, depending on who should act on the contents. This will reduce your workload so you can focus on the tasks that do require your personal attention.

The yearly fee for a registered seat with virtual office from Helpers is just EUR 1,200. One-time yearly payment, no additional costs, and free company modification. What else do you need?

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