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Repatriate to Hungary – Get citizenship by ancestry

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Repatriate to Hungary – Get citizenship by ancestry

Anyone whose parents, grandparents or other ancestors were Hungarian citizens can easily repatriate to Hungary thanks to the option of getting citizenship by ancestry.

Were your parents Hungarian?

If your parents or other ancestors were Hungarian citizens, you are also eligible for Hungarian citizenship. Your application will need to be supported with documents verifying Hungarian citizenship. These might be passports, identity cards, birth, baptism, or marriage certificates, or any other documents that state their citizenship.

If you are certain that your parents were Hungarian but you cannot prove it, a genealogy researcher can help you find the relevant documents in the archives of Hungary and the neighboring countries. (The territory of Hungary used to be bigger before 1920, the Treaty of Trianon ending World War I, and many towns currently belonging to e.g. Romania, Slovakia, Serbia, or Ukraine were Hungarian. Accordingly, if your grand-parent was born in such an area before 1920, you might be eligible for Hungarian citizenship.)

Why to repatriate to Hungary?

Hungary is a member of the European Union and the Schengen zone. This means that Hungarian citizens can work and travel freely almost anywhere in the EU, without a separate visa. Moreover, the Hungarian passport offers visa-free access to 180 countries around the world, which makes it a very attractive document. Hungary is located in the heart of Europe, and while its infrastructure is as developed as that of any other country in Western Europe, prices are significantly lower, making Hungary an ideal destination if you are relocating to Europe.

How to repatriate to Hungary?

Based on your ancestry, you can easily get Hungarian citizenship. You just have to apply, and have a short interview with the Hungarian consul in your country of residence in Hungarian. There is no requirement for keeping permanent residence in Hungary or for staying in the country, and you can also keep your original citizenship. The procedure takes about a year, and once you become a citizen, you can get your new passport in just a few weeks.

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