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Hungarian residency options for non-EU citizens

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Hungarian residency options for non-EU citizens

Hungary offers various favorable residency options to non-EU citizens who want to live and work in the European Union. Beside the high living standards, low living costs, excellent infrastructure and good public safety, relatively simple and quick residency procedures make Hungary an ideal destination for anyone moving to Europe.

Residency options in Hungary

The Hungarian residence permit is issued based on your plans in Hungary. The procedure will be slightly different in each case, and different supporting documents will be required. The application procedure usually takes 2-3 months (sometimes more, depending on the workload of the Immigration Office), so make sure to apply in time.

Below you can find a list of the most popular residency options in Hungary. Click the links to learn more about each, or fill in the form below the article to tell us about your plans and ask for a free initial consultation.

Business immigration

Do you have a business of your own? Or are you planning to set up a business in the EU? Look no further. Hungary offers 9% corporate tax (the lowest in the EU), and easy company formation in just 4-5 business days. You also get an EU VAT number immediately without further ado, so once you set up your corporate bank account, you can start trading both on the local and the international level. You as the managing director will be eligible for Hungarian residency based on your business activity, and you can even move your family here. Initially you will need a health insurance of your own, but once you start paying contributions in Hungary, you will receive full healthcare coverage. Read more here.

A popular variation of this option is real estate residency, where you can set up a company, buy real estate in Hungary, and rent it for a steady income. Since renting property is a stable business, you and your family members can become eligible for Hungarian residency based on the property management done by the company. Read more here.

White card

Do you already have your own business outside Hungary? Many businesses can be operated remotely, so these days more and more people decide to become digital nomads and travel the world while performing work online. With the white card, you can get Hungarian residency while working for a non-Hungarian entity, and get visa-free access to the Schengen zone for an entire year (after which you can renew your permit once). The drawback is that you will need your own private health insurance, and that based on the white card your family members cannot apply for residency with family unification. Read more here.

Work permit

Have you been offered a job at a Hungarian company? That’s great! Now you will need a combined residency and work permit, usually simply referred to as a work permit, before you can move here and start working. The application must include a written agreement between the future employer and employee, and the employer must also be involved in the application, since they must submit a labor demand to the local Labor Department. Once you start working, you receive full healthcare coverage, and you can move your family to Hungary with family unification. Read more here.

If you are already working for the same employer, and now you are being sent to work at their Hungarian subsidiary, there is another, slightly simplified procedure also available to you called intra-corporate transfer. However, in this case you remain insured in your country of origin. Read more here.

Student residency

Are you planning to study at a Hungarian university or college? Many institutions for higher education offer courses in foreign languages, especially in English. Some of the most popular fields include medicine, veterinary medicine, engineering, and business. Once accepted, you can apply for student residency for the duration of your studies. The residence permit is normally given for 1 or 2 years, but it can be extended until you get your degree. While you are here, you will need a health insurance of your own, and for the application you must prove you have the necessary funds to finance your stay in Hungary. Read more here.

Family unification

If a family member of yours is already living and/or working in Hungary, you can join them through family unification. This is available to the spouse and underage children (under 18) of the main applicant (the family member already in Hungary). Residency based on family unification does not give you healthcare coverage, so you will have to have private health insurance. It does not let you enter employment in Hungary either, however, you can start a business of your own, or you can switch to a work permit once you have found an employer. Read more here.

Other reason

If your plans do not match any of the above listed Hungarian residency options, you can still get residency. You will have to indicate that you are applying based on this “other” reason, and you will be required to prove you have sufficient funds to provide for yourself in the long run in Hungary. This must include a private health insurance and long-term accommodation.

Choose the residency option that fits your plans

The Helpers Team has more than 15 years of experience with handling residency applications for various nationalities. We have profound insight on all the Hungarian residency options available, and we can support you all the way, until your residency is granted.

We help you

  • select the right option,
  • prepare the supporting documents,
  • hand in your application.

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