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How to set up an EU company if you are from Ukraine

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How to set up an EU company if you are from Ukraine

Starting from 11 June, 2017, citizens of Ukraine can travel visa-free to the countries of the Schengen zone. This makes it even easier for them to set up an EU company, through which they can easily trade in the European Union.

Visa-free travel for the Ukrainian

In May 2017, representatives of the European Union and the European Council approved Ukraine’s request and granted them visa-free access to member states of the EU. This includes Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. Ukrainian citizens can stay in the above countries without a visa for 90 days in a period of 180 days. However, they still need a visa if they want to visit the UK or Ireland.

EU company formation without a visa

If you want to trade in the EU, your best option is setting up an EU company. Today this is easiest to do in Hungary, where company registration takes only a few days, while you also immediately get an EU VAT number, so you can start your business activity right away.

When setting up your Hungarian company, you can do the registration either in person, or with a Power of Attorney. You have to find an accountant and seat provider, both of which can be done through Helpers. You only have to be present in person for the bank account opening, which should be done within 8 days from registration. Now that you can travel to Hungary without a visa, Hungarian company formation could not be simpler for you!

Moreover, if you want to spend some time in Hungary, for example to do a market research or evaluate the market, you can stay without any bureaucratic difficulties, or come over from Ukraine as many times as possible. If you need to extend your stay, that will also be possible based on your local business operation.

Set up a Hungarian company today, start your operation in the EU tomorrow!

Helpers Hungary has been assisting company formations since 2004. We know all aspects of the process (including bank account opening, company seat registration, finding the best accountant, recruiting employees, searching for premises, and the like), with special attention to the needs of company owners who are not familiar with Hungarian regulations. Ask for a free consultation, and we will surely find the solutions that best fit your situation.

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