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Authorize your accountant to sign payroll documents for you

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Authorize your accountant to sign payroll documents for you

The Helpers Virtual Office and Accountancy combined are the best services to relieve as many burdens of Hungarian company owners as possible. Now new procedure allows your Hungarian Accountant to sign certain payroll related documents, making your life even easier.

Registered seat and virtual office

A registered seat is the official address of your company, publicly known to all authorities. Authorities will send all their communication here, expecting you to reply as soon as possible. Some of these messages can automatically be forwarded to your accountant, who can file reports and answer inquiries of e.g. the Tax Authority without bothering you – this way you can focus on the growth of your business. The personnel of the Virtual Office operating at your registered seat does just that, making your life easier.

Authorize your accountant

When you hire a Hungarian accountant, you authorize them to file certain reports and send them to the Hungarian Tax Authority on your behalf. Now thanks to a new procedure, you can also authorize your Helpers accountant to sign certain payroll documents for you. This makes things easier both for you and your employee.

The payroll related documents your Hungarian accountant can now sign with your authorization are as follows:

  • The employee’s income statement
  • Payroll documents for the termination of employment
  • “OEP” Hungarian health insurance booklet
  • The employee’s tax statements
  • Payroll and labor related info sheets
  • Year closing income and other payroll related verification notes

However, as a Helpers client, you still CANNOT authorize your accountant to sign the labor contract, the job description, the labor contract modification, or the labor contract termination on your behalf. You also have to confirm personnel time sheets yourself.

New procedure, no extra charge

The new standard procedure if you want to authorize your accountant to sign payroll related documents on your behalf includes providing your accountant with your company stamp, stating that your accountant’s signature is valid only together with the company stamp.

This new service is automatically incorporated in your present service package. This means you can enjoy the extra convenience provided by the new procedure without any extra charge. Just sign the new authorization document, and you will have one less batch of administration to worry about.

Ask for the new authorization document today

If you are a Helpers client, you are automatically entitled to apply this new procedure. Ask your accountant to send you the new authorization document, and start taking advantage of your increased spare time!

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