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Do you need an immigration lawyer in Hungary?

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Do you need an immigration lawyer in Hungary?

When planning to apply for Hungarian residency or citizenship, many people start looking for an immigration lawyer. However, you do not necessarily need a lawyer just for your application; you might be better off with the expert help of an immigration agency that can provide comprehensive service.

Residency application in Hungary

Applying for residency or citizenship in Hungary does not require a lawyer. To save time and effort, however, it makes sense to hire a professional who knows the system and can support you and represent your interests throughout the application process, and this can be a lawyer. However, a lawyer might not be able to provide any additional services that might be relevant and come up during the procedure. Luckily, you may also decide to work with an immigration agency such as Helpers Hungary, where a team of professionals works of finding the best solutions just for you.

What you can and cannot expect from an immigration lawyer

An immigration lawyer knows the law: that is what they focus on. They excel at carrying out specific tasks, such as interpreting the law to understand how to best handle difficult applications, providing counsel during a hearing, or managing the second instance of appeals (the first appeal does not require a lawyer). However, since their skills are best employed in such specific tasks, they might not be able or willing to provide comprehensive service from the very first step until the last, especially not in matters that do not concern the law, such as:

  • property search
  • business plan writing
  • getting documents translated and attested
  • genealogy research
  • arranging for a language course

Even if they can help you with the above, there is a chance they will apply an hourly rate for these tasks, which is normal for lawyers, but makes the costs of the entire procedure less predictable.

An immigration agency can take care of all your needs

An immigration agency like Helpers Hungary is prepared to handle the entire procedure for you, from start to finish. We provide advice on which procedure is the best for your case, what documents you need, and we can also help to procure them. We have almost 20 years of experience and a team of more than 25 people, so every step of a complex procedure can be taken care of by an expert of that area, while your case is still handled by one dedicated account manager. It is also normal for an agency to set a fixed price for each procedure (even if some sub-tasks are priced separately), which is more predictable than working with an hourly rate, normally applied by lawyers.

If you choose to work with an immigration agency like Helpers Hungary, you can take advantage of not just the expertise of one specialist, or even one expert team, but an extensive network of providers. Our workflows developed throughout the years give each procedure a well-defined framework to lean on, while they still have enough flexibility to allow for customized solutions. This way our clients can rest assured that every aspect of their case will be considered before the application.

At the same time, agencies like Helpers Hungary do partner with immigration lawyers who can provide advice on more complex cases, and who can represent clients before the authorities should that be required. This way you get instant access to an immigration lawyer specialized in your case type without spending time on researching providers.

Start your immigration journey with an agency

As you can see, an immigration agency such as Helpers Hungary can be by your side throughout your entire immigration journey, from preparing you for the application to your arrival in Hungary, or even longer. Since we are professionals, we are also able to determine in which cases legal advice is required. Should that happen, we can put you in touch with one of our trusted immigration lawyer partners, then help you interpret their advice and decide how to act on it.

In our next piece, we will take a closer look at cases when you do need an immigration lawyer. Stay tuned!

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