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Where to set up a telecom company in the EU

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Where to set up a telecom company in the EU

Hungary is an ideal place for setting up your telecom company. It is a hotbed of engineering expertise, boasts great providers, an advanced infrastructure, and very affordable business and living costs.

Loads of qualified candidates to choose from

Several renowned universities and colleges offer top-notch engineering programs in Hungary. The most famous one is the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. Since technical specialisations are quite popular with Hungarians and foreign students alike, you will find  no shortage of fresh graduates speaking fluent English, and frequently, more European languages.

Low cost of living and business services

Budapest has a very low cost of living compared to cities in Western Europe. The average price for services and renting real estate is especially low. Of course, this goes for renting a place to live as well as an office or some workstations. This means that you can attract and keep top talent working for your company for a fraction of the payroll costs you would have to spend elsewhere. Best of all: Hungary has the lowest corporate tax in Europe, at only 9%.

Borderless and integrated

Hungary lies in the geographical center of Europe. The country is a member of both the EU and the Schengen zone. Regular flights and trains connect the capital to most major world cities. Thanks to this, you can easily hire a new employee from abroad, or pop over to a different city for a conference or a business meeting.

Well-developed infrastructure

The country has several major telecom providers operating here, including Vodafone, Telenor and T-Com. As a consequence, it also has great infrastructure already available. EU harmonised licensing means that you can conduct your business in a familiar and predictable way.

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