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Effortless company formation lets you focus on business growth

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Effortless company formation lets you focus on business growth

Don’t waste your time shuffling paper

Starting a new business or expanding to a new country requires a vision and know-how. You’ve got that covered. That’s what you live for. But there’s an unavoidable amount of filing documents, corresponding with various authorities, checking deadlines and regulations… Clearly, it’s not the best use of your time to deal with these issues.

Setting up a Hungarian company with Helpers will get these boring but necessary tasks out of the way. Let’s see some of the advantages you will get to benefit from.

Quick and uncomplicated company setup

Setting up a company only takes 1-3 business days in Hungary. Plus, you will immediately receive an EU VAT number without extra requirements or paperwork. No local owner or director is needed to from your company, so you will be in full control. Best of all, Hungary has the lowest corporate tax rate in Europe, only 9%. As an added bonus, you can apply for a Schengen residence permit on the basis of owning a Hungarian company if you need one.

Company formation with registered address and mail forwarding

Our comprehensive company setup package also includes one year of virtual office services. What makes our service stand out in Budapest is the way we process your mail. Most virtual office providers just forward you pages and pages of Hungarian legalese. We, however, know that time is money, so we preselect your mail and deal with most of it automatically. For our typical clients, about 80% of their mail has to be dealt with by the accountant, not the directors themselves. This is why we forward these letters to your accountant without you having to lift a finger. The result: a faster process all around, and less paperwork for you! When we do need a decision or information from you, we send you an English summary of the letter at no extra charge.

A competent English-speaking accountant

Maybe you’ve heard tales of this extremely cheap accounting office somewhere in the outskirts of Budapest. They might be good at filling in forms, but will they explain tax regulations to you? Will they remind you of all these deadlines that “everyone” knows about? Sit down with you and discuss the best way to conduct your business? Or will they be able to have a conversation in English at all?

Responding to years of market analysis and client demand, Helpers now has an integrated accounting team. All our accountants and bookkeepers speak fluent English. Best of all, they are familiar with the typical issues that foreign-owned small and medium businesses face. This means that they will likely have an answer to your question before you even ask.

Got you interested?

Just give us a call (+36-1-317-8570) or drop us an email ( to schedule a free consultation for setting up your Hungarian company.

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