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Which is the best country for start-ups in Europe?

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Which is the best country for start-ups in Europe?

Many say that Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is on its way to become the next start-up hub of Europe. This is not surprising when you consider the most important things for a start-up: being cost-effective, attracting top talent and retaining their motivated employees. Let’s see how setting up your startup in Hungary helps you with these goals.

Low cost of living

Budapest has a much lower cost of living than Western Europe. The price of housing and services is especially low compared to western cities. This lets you and your employees have a much better standard of living for the amount of money you’d spend elsewhere. As a result, you can hire top talent while spending less money.

Affordable business services

Not only everyday life is cheaper in Hungary. The benefit extends to business services like office space, accounting or tech support. Plus, there are several options for finding a place for your startup to do its thing. Co-working spaces and shared offices are very popular, and also great way to build your business network.

Low taxes

Corporate tax in Hungary is only 9%, which is the lowest rate in Europe. All companies regardless of size and turnover can benefit from this flat rate. Best of all, it also applies to foreign-owned businesses, and you do not need a Hungarian co-owner to enjoy its perks.

Fast and uncomplicated setup

Incorporating a company in Hungary is the fastest on the continent: it only takes 4-5 business days after the articles of association are signed. If you want to minimise your travel commitments, you can sign the documents via a Power of Attorney, and only visit Hungary once your company is up and running.

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