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Standard salaries in Hungary – How much should you pay your employees?

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Standard salaries in Hungary – How much should you pay your employees?

In Hungary, standard salaries are determined by the necessary skills and the responsibility that goes with a position – as long as they are above the minimum wage determined by the government each year.

What kind of position do you want to fill?

When making a new hire for your Hungarian company, first you should formulate the position as precisely as you can. You must consider what tasks you want your employees to perform, what skills they will need for them, and what level of responsibility they entail. The more skills and responsibility a job requires, the more you have to pay your employee.

Minimum wage in Hungary

Minimum wage is defined for positions that require no specific skills or qualification. If the position already requires a secondary education and the candidate has the relevant certificate, you will have to pay the “guaranteed minimum salary”, which is slightly higher than the minimum wage. These are basic standard salaries updated each year to reflect the developments in economy and ensure a livelihood to all workers.

Standard salaries for various fields

Please note:

  • While there exist standard salary ranges typical to various fields and positions, there is no secret recipe: each position is different, and you will have to agree with your employees case by case (unless you employ a great number of workers through a collective agreement).
  • Language skills (being fluent in English or any other language) are considered a great plus in Hungary, so that requirement will raise the expected salary.
  • Standard salaries vary greatly based on where the work is performed; our list indicates salaries as standard in the agglomeration of Budapest and in the Western parts of Hungary.

In the below table, you will find some standard salaries. They are all monthly gross salaries, since in Hungary it is typical to agree on gross salaries. Your employee’s net salary will be lower than what you see here, while your total company costs will be higher. To see exactly what you pay and what your employees get, check out our salary calculator.

Job Standard salary (gross)
Office assistant HUF 270K – 380K
Office manager HUF 350K – 530K
Management HUF 600K+
IT – entry level HUF 450K+
IT – 5+ years XP HUF 750K+
Financial advisor HUF 700K+
Marketing specialist HUF 550K+
Accountant – 5+ years XP HUF 450K+
Engineer – entry level HUF 350K+
Engineer – 5+ years XP HUF 550K+
Factory worker HUF 300K+

Recruitment with HR consultancy

If you recruit for your Hungarian business with Helpers, we will assist you from the first steps to the last: we help you formulate the position, define a salary range based on standard salaries, post the advertisement, screen applicants, and even provide a basic employment contract you can tailor to your needs. Let us take care of the details while you focus on the big picture for your business growth.

Moreover, we also provide ongoing HR consultancy that not only takes care of administrative tasks and lets you keep your operation compliant, but it also helps you create a positive work environment for your employees.

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