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Recruitment for SMEs in Hungary

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Recruitment for SMEs in Hungary

The key to business success is working with a great team. Naturally, “your team” includes your employees as well as your providers and business partners. But how do you find the best work force? Helpers can assist you in recruitment as well.

Comprehensive business services from one provider

Helpers offers all kinds of business services from the moment of company setup through each step you make, including bank account opening, accounting, business planning, and, of course, recruitment. If you contract the same provider for all these services, you will have an immense benefit: your account manager will already know about your plans, this way they can easily tailor each service to your current needs.

This is especially true for recruitment, since the more we know you, the better candidates we will find.

Transparent recruitment

To help you in planning business expenses, we offer recruitment services in three simple, transparent tires. These depend on the qualifications the positions you want to fill need.

  1. Entry-level package: EUR 1,200 (+VAT if applicable)
    For basic office assistant positions that do not require any special qualifications other than knowledge of English
  1. Mid-level package: EUR 1,800 (+VAT if applicable)
    For employees with 1-5 years’ experience and/or professional qualification
  1. Senior package: EUR 3,000 (+VAT if applicable)
    For managerial or other senior positions

Each of the packages includes the following:

  • HR consultation (max. 2 hours) – we help you survey what you need, formulate the job description, and set the salary the position requires
  • Advertising the position (4 weeks, on the job portal most suitable for the position you want to fill)
  • Screening and phone interviews, so you have to meet only the best candidates; assistance in choosing the right employee
  • Preparing and filling out the employment contract
  • Registration at relevant state authorities

Everything you need for successful recruitment

In Hungary, there is a compulsory trial period whenever someone enters employment. It is usually 3 months, during which either party can cancel the contract without any fuss. If that happens, we will find you a replacement for only 50% of the original price!

If you wish to employ someone who is not from Hungary, they will need extra documentation. If they are from the EU, they only need a registration card, a social security card and a tax number, which we can get them for EUR 300 (+VAT). If they are from outside the EU, they will need a work permit as well, for only EUR 750 (+VAT).

We also provide ongoing services for a monthly EUR 80 (+VAT) per employee that includes everything necessary for payroll administration, such as holiday and sick-leave administration, yearly tax returns, fire safety trainings, and more.

Ask for expert assistance for a shortcut to your business goals!

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