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Christmas charity: support the Noah’s Ark Animal Shelter with Helpers

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Christmas charity: support the Noah’s Ark Animal Shelter with Helpers

Giving is at the heart of Christmas, and Helpers loves to give. This is why we started our business helping people relocating to Hungary – and why we keep supporting various NGOs and charity projects.

The Noah’s Ark Animal Shelter

The Noah’s Ark (or “Noah” for short) is the largest animal shelter in Budapest. It started its rescue mission in 1992, and today it is taking care of animals on 8 hectares (almost 20 acres). About 1,000 animals live here including cats, dogs, goats, sheep, emus, rabbits, guinea pigs, hens, ducks, geese, wild boars, raccoons, horses, red deer, pigeons, turtles, cattle, crows, foxes and martens.

The main work of the animal shelter consists of rescuing and providing medical treatment for animals which were abandoned, had an accident and were left on the road, are injured or harmed by any means. However, the shelter should be only a temporary home: their main goal is to have these animals adopted and find them a loving new home.

They also often receive calls concerning animal cruelty; in such cases, they not only take care of the injured animal but also to make sure that a legal case is made against the perpetrator.

The Noah runs several projects including breed rescue (for boxers, bulldogs, chow-chows and cane corsos). The “Mini Shelter” project started in spring 2004, with an unprecedented initiative in Hungary: to rescue, re-socialize and re-home dogs that ended up at the dogcatcher after a period of abuse or torture, and were sentenced to be put down. These dogs are kept apart from the rest of the animals, as most of them require special attention.

Volunteers and donors needed all the time

The work of the shelter is supported by the work of volunteers, who use their free time to feed and take care of the animals. However, they need all the help to continue their mission, since food, medicine, medical attention, and utilities cost a lot when you are operating a shelter on 8 hectares.

You can help!

You can help the Noah not only with volunteer work. They keep a frequently updated wish-list on their page so donors can provide them with necessities directly. For example, Helpers has just bought some heated dog-houses for the shelter, which will help the animals survive the freezing winter ahead.

Of course, you can help the Noah’s Ark Animal shelter with money donations as well. Whatever you give, it will be put to good use, and will help bring joy and light to the life of animals and their future adopters.

Donate today!

  • Bank: OTP BANK
  • Bank address: Budapest, 1102 Kőrösi Csoma sétány 6.
  • IBAN: HU15 1176 3103 1310 6883 0000 0000

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