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Investment residency in Malta – now with a financing option

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Investment residency in Malta – now with a financing option

Getting residency by investment is a simple way for getting visa-free access to new countries or for securing a second home for yourself and your family. In Europe, the investment residency program of Malta is among the most popular ones. Now it also offers a financing option for investors.

What is a financing option?

We talk about a financing option in an investment residency or citizenship scheme when the investment required for residency or citizenship eligibility does not have to be made in full. The investor only pays part of the investment amount as a deposit to a bank, which in turn supplies a loan for the full amount necessary for the investment. During the investment period, the deposit is slowly depleted as interest for the loan.

A financing option like this is typically only available in programs where the main requirement is purchasing government bonds or making a bank deposit. While it is more costly than simply applying for the program the regular way, since the deposit is not paid back to the investor at maturity, it has certain benefits. The most important benefit is that you do not have the commit the full investment amount for the whole investment period, and you can use the remaining money in other investment you consider more lucrative.

Investment residency with a financing option in Malta

In the investment residency program of Malta, the main element is an EUR 250,000 investment in Maltese government bonds. (Investors are also required to make a donation of EUR 30,000 to a government fund, and rent an accommodation that can serve as their registered address – you can read more about the program at

With the financing option, investors make an EUR 66,000 deposit to a local financial institution. This institution will supply a loan of EUR 250,000, with which the investor can purchase the government bonds. At maturity after 5 years, the EUR 250,000 is paid back by the government to the bank. During the 5 years of the loan, the deposit of EUR 66,000 is depleted for the interest of the loan.

Should you choose the financing option for your investment residency?

That depends entirely on your individual plans and situations. If you are planning other, more lucrative investments, it might be worth considering the financing option for your investment residency, and using the remaining amount in other business. Discuss your options with an expert colleague – fill in the form below. 

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