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Hungarian pension tax records accessible online

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Hungarian pension tax records accessible online

As part of the electronic administration in Hungary, personal pension tax records are available for review online. With your Ügyfélkapu access, you can log in to the database of the Treasury, and see if everything is fine. Read on to learn how that works.

State pension in Hungary

In Hungary, retired people receive pension from the state. The amount is based on the taxes paid throughout their working years, so there is a precise record of each payment. These days such records also available online from the Hungarian Treasury at, with individual information going back to 2013.

However, the taxes one paid are always used to finance the pension payments of those currently in retirement. As a result, if you work in Hungary only for a short period, you cannot get a refund on your pension tax the same way you can reclaim VAT. Nevertheless, you do not lose your taxes paid in Hungary even if you move away before you reach retirement age; you will be compensated based on the agreements between Hungary and your country of retirement. Read more about pension payments here.

Payroll tax records

If you work in employment, your taxes are forwarded by your employer to the relevant authorities, and you only receive your net salary when you get your paycheck. You are supposed to get a pay slip every month, and an M30 sheet every year, which detail your salaries and your taxes. As a result, when the time comes for yearly tax returns, your data come pre-filled in the form, and you only have to review them. Of course, if there is anything amiss, you can correct the data manually, or ask your employer for clarification.

Pension tax records

Likewise, the taxes you pay to cover payments are recorded separately at the Hungarian Treasury (since that is the institution managing pension records). If you go to, click “Kivonat megtekintése” (“See overview”) in the top left corner, you can log in to the database with your Ügyfélkapu (Client Gate) access. Then you can enter your TAJ number (social security ID) to see your records.

Currently, the pension tax is covered by the social security tax, which is 18.5% of one’s gross salary. The social security tax was covers the previous pension contribution as well as the healthcare and labor market contribution. In line with this, the chart you see at the Treasury will show not your entire social security tax for each month, but only its 54%, the part equivalent to the former pension contribution (starting from mid-2020).

Data validation and reconciliation

If the pension tax sums listed in the Treasury database seem off, it is best if you first consult your employer or their accountant. If they filed every report correctly, it is probably the Treasury that made a mistake. In this case, you can ask for the reconciliation of the available data, either in person at any government office (“kormányablak”) or online at with your Ügyfélkapu (Client Gate) access.

The option is not available in English just yet, but after logging in, you can select “Nyugdíj” (“Pension”) from the menu on the left, then the third option, “Adategyeztetés, hatósági bizonyítvány, megállapodás” (“Reconciliation, verifications, agreements”), and then option 02 to ask about the data in your pension records. During the procedure, you will receive an extract which you can comment on. This way you can indicate your approval or let them know that something is missing. To reconciliate the data, you might be required to submit supporting documents (meaning mostly the payslips or M30 documents from your employer), but the authorities might be able to find and correct the mistake on their own as well.

Payroll tax administration at Helpers Finance

Normally, neither employees nor employers have to worry too much about the pension tax and how it is recorded. The company’s accountant is supposed to prepare the documentation every month, based on which employers can pay the relevant taxes to the appropriate authorities, and employees can check if everything has been calculated correctly. Helpers Finance provides comprehensive accounting services to small and medium-sized companies operating in Hungary, which naturally includes payroll administration too.

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