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Does Hungary allow multiple citizenships?

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Does Hungary allow multiple citizenships?

Yes, Hungary allows not only dual, but also multiple citizenships. There is no limit on the number of countries you can be a citizen of beside Hungarian citizenship. However, there is a few things you should watch out for. Read on.

Hungary does not limit the number of citizenships

When you apply for Hungarian citizenship, the number of other countries you are already a citizen of should not affect the success of your application. The only relevant factor is whether you meet the criteria for Hungarian citizenship. Moreover, Hungarian law does not stipulate that you have to renounce your other existing citizenship when you become a Hungarian citizen.

However, make sure to check the rules of the country(s) of your existing citizenship(s). It might turn out that it is the country where you are already a citizen which does not allow multiple citizenships. According to the laws of some countries, you automatically lose your citizenship if you become a citizen of another country. To avoid the inconveniences resulting from this, check the regulations of your country before applying for Hungarian citizenship.

Tax residency in Hungary

Being a citizen of Hungary does not automatically make you a tax resident too. You will only have to pay taxes in Hungary only if you match certain conditions, which normally means spending most of your time and generating income in Hungary. If you have multiple citizenships, you should consider how much time you spend where. Learn more about tax residency here.

At the same time, you should check the tax regulations of your existing country of citizenship. In some countries tax residency is automatic, and all your income must be taxed there – even if you end up as a tax resident of Hungary. If you have income from various parts over the world and you are not sure how that income will be taxed once you become a Hungarian citizen, you can always ask for tax consultancy. The consultant will be able to check if Hungary has any double taxation agreements in place with the other countries relevant to you.

Include Hungarian among your multiple citizenships

There are several ways for becoming a Hungarian citizen. If you have been living in Hungary for at least 8 years, you can apply for a procedure called regular naturalization. If you are married and have children, you become eligible even sooner. Alternatively, if your parents, grandparents or other ancestors were Hungarian, you can apply for either the simplified naturalization or the verification procedure, depending on when your ancestors left Hungary.

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