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How does the 9% corporation tax rate affect your business?

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How does the 9% corporation tax rate affect your business?

Whether you already have a company in Hungary or you are planning to register one, this information on the corporation tax rate is crucial to understand your finances in 2017.

Changes to the corporation tax rate in 2017

From the 1st of January 2017, Hungary has lowered its corporation tax rate to 9%, making it the lowest business tax in Europe. During the previous system until the end of 2016, the government taxed companies at a rate of 10% on profits up to HUF 500 M (EUR 1.7 M) and 19% on profits above that threshold. Now a single band has been introduced applying equally to all businesses with a flat rate of 9%.

The new corporation tax rate has a great impact on the finances of small businesses, but has brought an even larger tax reduction for large corporations, as seen in the chart below:

 For small businesses

Profit before taxes
under 1,6 M EUR



Revenue 650 000 EUR 650 000 EUR
Costs 520 000 EUR 520 000 EUR
Profit before taxes 130 000 EUR 130 000 EUR
Corporation tax 13 000 EUR 11 700 EUR
Taxes reduced by 1 300 EUR


 For big corporations

Profit before taxes
above 1,6 M EUR



Revenue 8 000 000 EUR 8 000 000 EUR
Costs 6 300 000 EUR 6 300 000 EUR
Profit before taxes 1 700 000 EUR 1 700 000 EUR


177 839 EUR 153 000 EUR
Taxes reduced by   24 839 EUR

As you can see, the more profit your corporation makes, the more you can save on operation your company in Hungary.

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