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Find workforce in Hungary for your European company

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Find workforce in Hungary for your European company

All right, you have opened your EU company in Hungary. But where to find skilled workforce to make it a success? Read our guide and let us help.

  1. Hiring local workforce

Hungarian workforce is at least as skilled as while more cost-efficient than workforce on the Western European labor market thanks to the quality higher education and the lower living costs in Hungary.

Post a job ad in Hungary

In Hungary, is the largest and busiest portal for advertising and applying for jobs. Their platform and their customer service are available in English as well, just like their database and their search engine. This makes it easy to post jobs even if you do not speak Hungarian.

Many potential employees have a profile at as well, so that platform might also be worth a try, especially if you are working in IT.

Online job portals are immensely popular compared to job ads in local newspapers because they are a lot more comfortable and easier to browse for relevant offers. However, jobs are still often advertised in local papers and on news boards.

Let a head-hunter help you

Head-hunters are also popular among companies where managers would prefer to use their time for developing their business and let professionals take care of the hiring procedure. Head-hunters often work for a commission in proportion to the position’s salary. The better qualified employee you are looking for, the more you will be expected to pay them – and the head-hunter.

The recruitment services of Helpers offers something similar. We can search for your next entry-level, mid-level, or senior-level employee for a fix price. The service includes not only advertising the position and filtering candidates, but also an initial consultation to help you formulate to position and the job description based on your company’s needs, and setting a salary that is realistic both for your company and for the employee you are planning to hire. When you have found your new employee, we also help with preparing the employment contract and registering your employee at the relevant state authorities.

  1. Bringing workforce to Hungary

In some cases, especially if you are setting up a subsidiary of your already existing foreign company, it makes more sense to bring already tested talent to Hungary – that is, to relocate one or more of your trusted employees to the new location of your business.

Registration card or work permit?

If your employee comes from an EU country, they will only need a registration card to live and work in Hungary. If your employee comes from a non-EU country, they will need a combined residence and work permit, which will be based on the labor contract between them and your company. Hungarian work permit application is one of the fastest work permit procedures in the EU, but the procedure still might take as many as 3 months. When preparing your business plan, you should calculate with how much time it takes to relocate workforce.

Get expert help and focus on your business growth

When you are running a business, it is sometimes more cost-effective (and generally more efficient) to outsource even simple processes to experts. Recruitment is not so simple, especially in a foreign country, when you are just getting to know the local market and need all your time to focus on business growth.

Let us know more about your current situation so we can help you map your needs and provide help with what really matters to your business.

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