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Things to know before starting a new job – Employment in Hungary

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Things to know before starting a new job – Employment in Hungary

If someone wants to work in Hungary or offer a job to an employee, it is important to be aware of some basic information. If you plan on starting a new job in Hungary, you will find our short guide essential.

Documents you need for starting a new job in Hungary

First, if you want to start a new job Hungary, you will need a Hungarian tax number and a Hungarian social security number. Hungarian citizens usually have these documents by default, and they do not need a separate work permit. If you come from another country of the European Union, you will need a registration card, which basically functions as a resident permit and work permit. However, you will still need a tax number and a social security number.

If you come from a third country, that is, from outside the European Union, you will need a resident permit and a work permit. These two permits are combined in one single document. You will be able to apply for this the same time as for the social security number and tax number, when you already have an agreement with your future employer.

This means you have to look for a job offer and apply for a job before you can come to Hungary. You can apply for a tax number anytime, for the resident permit and the work permit when you already have a contract, and for the social security number when you already have a registered address.

Before you start a new job

In Hungary, every company is obliged to declare to the tax authority when they have a new employee. Your employment has to be declared before you start your new job.

You should have an employment contract in which your gross salary and your first day of employment is clearly stated. Your first day of employment cannot be the same as the date on the contract, as your employment has to be declared at least one day before starting a new job.

In Hungary, the minimum salary for a basic, 40-hour week in a position without a need for any qualification is gross HUF 111,000 (ca. EUR 350) / month, while the guaranteed minimum salary for positions requiring secondary education is gross HUF 129,000 (ca. EUR 410) / month. The better your qualifications are and the higher qualification a position requires, the higher salary you may get.

Starting a new job and getting salary

In Hungary, you get salary after the end of each month, so at the beginning of the next month. You will get your first salary after the end of the first calendar month you have spent at your new job. You can take salary either in cash or transferred to your bank account, depending on your agreement with your employer.

An accountant will prepare the payrolls for everyone working at your company. For this, you will need to sign an attendance sheet to prove you have actually performed work for the company on the days specified in your contract. The days you have taken as holidays should also be indicated. Your attendance sheet should be sent to the accountant by the 1st day of the next month.

Your employer must pay your salary by the 10th of the next month. If for some reason you do not get your salary on time, ask your employer, not your accountant, about the possible reason for that.

For example, if you work for a company in Hungary all through July

  • On 30 June the latest you sign your contract and your employment is declared to the tax authority.
  • You work all through July, starting on 1 July till 31 July (and even continue to do so).
  • On 1 August, your attendance sheet should be sent to the company accountant.
  • By 10 August, you should receive your salary for July.

To sum it up: what you need when starting a new job in Hungary

  • Find a job before you can come to Hungary.
  • Sign a contract which states your gross salary, your first day of employment, and your working hours as well as your role in the company.
  • Ask your employer if they can help you with any or all of the administrative procedures necessary for your employment.
  • Find a place to live. You will be able to get a resident permit, a work permit, and a social security number based on your registered address.
  • Get a tax number.
  • Start working!
  • Make sure you sign an attendance sheet for each day you perform work for your employer.
  • Get your salary by the 10th day of the next month the latest.

Need more info?

If you are not sure about the regulations, it is worth asking an expert; it is quicker and cheaper than losing time on trying to figure out the whole work permit procedure yourself. Please visit our work permit page, or contact our office on or +36.1.317.8570. Either you are a future employee or employer, we would be happy to help.

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