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The benefits of a virtual office (and why you should have one)

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The benefits of a virtual office (and why you should have one)

A virtual office in Hungary comprises a set of back office services provided at your registered seat. A registered seat is not simply the official address of your company: it is where authorities expect to find your company, and any communication sent there is considered received.

Using virtual office services, you get access to competent staff already available at your registered seat to receive your official mail, sort it, and forward everything to the right person. During a pandemic, it is especially practical to reduce the resources you use and the number of hands paper must go through.

It saves you time

Our virtual office can start working for you from Day 1 of your company operation, with a mail forwarding service that not only receives your official mail, but also opens it and sends you a scanned copy, usually within 48 hours (except on weekends and on holidays, of course), always paying attention to how urgent a message is.

  • No office search or recruitment
  • No waiting for forwarded physical mail to reach you
  • No waiting in line at the post office for picking up registered mail

It saves you effort

With your approval, our colleagues open your mail, read it and sort it. Messages can then be forwarded directly to your accountant without bothering you with irrelevant distractions.

  • No puzzling over long letters written in Hungarian Legalese
  • No worrying about matters not actually relevant to you

When you do need to be involved, you will also get a short summary in English, together with instructions on how to take timely action to remain compliant and avoid fines.

It saves you money

The benefits of having a virtual office are most conspicuous at the start of your operation.

  • No office rent, utilities, or hardware
  • No salary

You get a fully operational back office to support your business at the fraction of the cost of renting an office and hiring an employee of your own.

It saves the planet

Needing and using less office space, utilities, hardware, and manpower, combined with digital solutions, all contribute to a smaller carbon footprint.

  • Fewer physical objects in use
  • Less movement of paper
  • Less physical contact with objects

During a pandemic, digital solutions also reduce the risk of spreading a disease that is transmitted by droplets.

Virtual office lets you safely focus on business growth

A virtual office is a registered seat provider combined with basic back office services. Outsourcing these services to a provider lets you focus on business growth while saving money AND ensuring smooth and compliant company operation. Digital solutions also reduce burdens on the environment and the risks of spreading the disease.

Contact us today and ask for the solutions that are best for your Hungarian company.

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