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Talent without borders – Yemeni immigrant is Doctor of the year in Hungary

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Talent without borders – Yemeni immigrant is Doctor of the year in Hungary

In today’s globalized world, migration and immigration is a major factor. It enables people to realize their talent, take opportunities, and make the most of their skills by moving to places their skills are most needed and appreciated. This is what enabled Mohamed Abdulrahman to come to Hungary, where he became Doctor of the year in 2015.

Youth in Yemen

Mohamed Abdulrahman was born in a small village in Yemen, as he told in a TV interview. He decided to become a doctor at an age as young as 12 years old, after the tragic death of his little sister. He studied hard, and later one of his teachers, who had relatives in Hungary, suggested he come here to study. Abdulrahman then applied for a scholarship in Hungary, which was granted to him, and he graduated from medical school in 1996.

He became a doctor, and after graduation he went back to Yemen, taking care of the health of children for 2 years. Then he returned to Hungary and started practicing in the Pándy Kálmán Hospital of Gyula, Békés county. He continues working there as chief of pediatrics.

Work in Hungary

Over the years, he earned the respect, trust, and love of several families as he supported many children and parents in hard times. He has always been kind and compassionate, making kids as well as parents understand what is happening to them and what they should do in order to become or remain healthy. His specialty is taking care of the newborn, but he works extremely well with small children, too.

Doctor of the Year

It is not surprising then that parents considered him worthy of praise, and nominated him for the Astellas Award. The Award was founded by the Astellas pharmaceutical company in 2006 in order to recognize the hard work of excellent physicians and other health care personnel.

Mohamed Abdulrahman decided at an early age that he would become a doctor, and chose to pursue this dream in Hungary. Globalization made it possible to him to come to Europe, study in Hungary, and become a Hungarian citizen. He gained the respect and love of his new community, who awarded him the title of Doctor of the year. Congratulations to him!

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