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Setting up an online business in the EU

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Setting up an online business in the EU

When you plan to sell your goods or services exclusively online, you have more freedom to choose the country where you set up your business. Within Europe, Hungary offers more than just membership in the EU and the Schengen zone. It has a fast and simple incorporation process, an automatic EU VAT number, and the lowest corporate tax rate in the EU.

Corporate tax: 9%

Starting with the most recent feature, Hungary’s super-low tax rate has been in effect since the beginning of 2017. This unrivalled corporate tax rate is valid for all Hungarian companies regardless of their trade volume. As usual, corporate tax is calculated based on the company’s profits, not the total income. If you have an online business, you have the flexibility to take advantage of these rates without being bound to a specific country.

Virtual office and mail forwarding

Even an online business needs to have a registered postal address. This is where your mail from the authorities will be sent. It is very important that all such mail is read and dealt with without delay. Luckily, this does not mean that you will have to physically check a mailbox in Hungary every day. Our Virtual Office services include a registered address in downtown Budapest, where we receive all your mail. We check the letters every day and take the appropriate action when needed. We forward 80% of a typical client’s letters directly to their accountant, who takes care of the issue at hand. This means that most of your mail will be dealt with without you having to lift a finger. Naturally, we let you know as soon as we need information from you or require action on your part.

Helpers: your one-stop-shop

Helpers Hungary offers a service package that covers all your needs: fast company formation, bank account opening and virtual address with mail forwarding. We also have a team of competent English-speaking accountants and bookkeepers at your disposal. Having assisted hundreds of foreign business owners in launching their businesses in Hungary, we have the expertise to handle the administrative matters, so you can focus realising your business visions. Contact us today to find out more.

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