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New restrictions in Hungary from November

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New restrictions in Hungary from November

Last updated on 5 November 2020.

Due to the increased spread of the coronavirus in the second wave of the epidemic, new restrictions are introduced in Hungary starting from 4 November, 2020. A limited curfew will be in force, and the rules for wearing a mask will become stricter.

The new, extraordinary measures and the state of emergency are expected to be in force for at least 3 months, meaning at least until the end of January 2021.

Travel restrictions in Hungary

Travel restrictions stay the same as they have been since the beginning of September. While simple tourism is not permitted, there are various exemptions for entering Hungary, including everyone who is a Hungarian resident, and people arriving for business purposes. Residents should expect to spend 10 days in quarantine. (However, the quarantine order can be withdrawn after 2 negative PCR tests, at least one of which must be performed in Hungary.)

Starting from November, a new mobile app has been introduced to help the Police check on people ordered to stay in quarantine. Users are randomly prompted to take a selfie, which will verify that they are at the location they are supposed to be. You can learn more about the app here.

Update: Foreigners trying to use the app reported that its Customer Service informed them that it was intended only for Hungarian citizens.

Wearing a mask

For some time, the rule of thumb has been that you should wear a mask in any enclosed public space – it should be a proper mask, not just a scarf or a bandana, that covers both your nose and mouth. Wearing a mask has been compulsory in public transport including waiting areas, in shops, in theaters, cinemas, and other similar venues, at post offices and official customer service centers (e.g. “kormányablak”), and in sports facilities when you are not actually doing sports (so e.g. from the entrance to the locker room).

If you are not wearing a mask where it is required, you can be denied service and you can be fined. If you are running a shop, it is your responsibility to make sure that all your employees AND patrons wear a mask properly – and the penalties for shops is significantly greater than those for private individuals.

Since 2 November, patrons have been required to wear a mask even in restaurants for the time they are not actually eating.

With the new regulations, in theaters and other similar event venues guests are not only required to wear a mask all the time, but they also must be seated with 2 empty seats between them. Establishments that do not enforce this can expect heavy fines and may be closed down as a penalty.

Social distancing

Clubs will be closed starting from 3 November, since they are deemed unfit for letting people keep the required distance. (By “club” they mean any event venue where the main service is providing live music and guests are not buying tickets that determine where they will be sitting.)

There will be a curfew in force between midnight and 5 a.m. Everyone is required to get home before midnight, and stay at home until morning. Exceptions include:

  • work related issues, like going to work and getting home after work, or actually working
  • leaving your home for an emergency

In public transportation, more vehicles will be available during the morning and evening rush hours to let the users spread out more.

At the same time, parking your car will be free all over the country to let people with a car avoid the still more crowded spaces of public transportation.

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