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Hungarian Investor Immigration Program

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Hungarian Investor Immigration Program

Investors wanting to immigrate to Europe have various options, as several countries offer immigration programs. The most cost-effective and comfortable method is to obtain a permanent resident permit in Hungary with a safe, state-guaranteed investment into Hungarian government bonds. As such, this immigration program is often referred to as “Hungarian residency bonds”.

This is the cheapest such offer in Europe: the investment sum is only EUR 250,000, with a processing fee of EUR 40,000. As this is an “investment”, the EUR 250,000 is fully reimbursed to the investor’s account when the investment period ends, that is, after 5 years. This way the “price” of this service is the processing fee. You do not receive an interest either, but you have a guarantee not to lose on this venture, which is free from any risks. Moreover, you get a Hungarian permanent resident permit for yourself and your family, which is your entrance pass to Europe.

With the Hungarian permanent resident permit, investors of the immigration program are able to immigrate to Hungary, member state of the European Union and the Schengen visa zone. From here, you may do business easily with the rest of Europe, and travel freely within the Schengen zone. This latter you can do easily, as Hungary is located in the heart of Europe, and thanks to its excellent infrastructure, all major European capitals are within reach.

For the EUR 40,000 processing fee (and the EUR 250,000 investment), you get all the relevant administration done for you, such as liaising with the investment company and lawyers. Moreover, we provide VIP service for your stay, including free airport pick-up, free transportation to our own offices, the immigration office, and to your 5 star hotel, where you can stay for 4 days.

But hurry up: at this point, it seems that the price of this package will go up starting from January 2015: the face value of the investment will increase to EUR 300,000, and the processing fee will be raised to EUR 60,000.

If you want to benefit from this remarkable offer, please do not hesitate to contact Mo Shaban at for free information on the Hungarian investor immigration program, or call +36.1.317.3570 on Monday through Friday, between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. CET.

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