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How to prepare for a job interview – as a managing director?

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How to prepare for a job interview – as a managing director?

At Helpers, the recruitment service offered to foreign-owned SMEs starts at helping you formulate the position, complete with a salary range and the job description. We post the job ad on the most popular platforms, and filter candidates for you. This way you only have to spend time with the most promising candidates.

But what to ask from candidates at the job interview?

Let us share with you a few tips regarding what to expect from strong candidates at the job interview.

Relevant experience

You probably know more about the position than what ended up in the job advertisement. Tell them more about your plans and expectations, and see if the candidate has experience that fits your plans perfectly – or that is a good basis for them to learn what they have to do in their new position.

  • Do they know the relevant tools? (These can be computer programs, equipment, having a driver’s license, etc.)
  • Do they speak the relevant languages?
  • Do they have the right social skills and attitudes? (E.g. a salesperson should feel at ease when talking up strangers; an administrator should handle monotony well.)
  • Are they willing to learn new things related to their position?

Life-long learning

The world around us is changing constantly, and there is a chance your business will also change over time – the extent of this will mostly depend on you and on your industry.

  • How willing is the candidate to learn new things, to expand what they already know?

Handling responsibility and options for promotion

You should always be clear about how much responsibility the position entails. This is usually also reflected in the salary: an administrator who only files orders and invoices will make less than a personal assistant who organizes your meetings with your business partners or prepares reports for you to support your business decisions.

Just like with skills, requirements for handling responsibility may also change over time. And over time, some people expect to be given more and more responsibility, while others prefer more stable positions.

Accordingly, it is important to have a vision for the position, since your employee will probably ask:

  • Are there any options for promotion? What are they?
  • What shifts or increase in responsibility is expected with a future promotion?

Be as clear about what you need as possible

The clearer you are about what you need, the more chance you have to find the right person for a particular position. In many cases, there will not be a perfect fit. However, if the candidate has the right basic skills and the right attitudes, they can grow to be the person who can help your company become successful in Hungary.

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