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How do I find a place to stay as a student in Budapest?

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How do I find a place to stay as a student in Budapest?

As a university student in Budapest, you have a range of accommodation options depending on your budget and your preferences.

Dorm: cheap but basic

The cheapest solution is, usually, to get a place on your university’s dormitory. How basic or comfortable these are varies wildly, as does the price of staying there. Some dormitories also have canteens offering three meals a day, although this is becoming less and less common. The dormitories often have strict rules regarding opening hours, guests staying over and even the types of gadgets you are allowed to keep in your room. Be prepared that it is not unusual for two or more people having to share a bedroom in many of these institutions. On the plus side, living in a dorm makes it much easier to socialize with other students in at your university. The number of available places can be limited, so be sure to enquire at your university in due time.

Flat share: a good compromise

A more attractive but probably more expensive option is to find a flat to share with 3-4 of your friends. If you can afford it, you can have your own room for more privacy, but you can still hang out and socialize with your flatmates in the shared kitchen or living room.

A place of your own

The most comfortable option is, of course, to rent an apartment all to yourself. This way, you do not have to adjust your schedule or cooking habits to meet anyone’s expectations, but you will also be responsible for paying all bills on time and maintenance.

Need some help?

Whatever you decide, we are here to help! If you are a student in Budapest, or you are still just preparing to start your studies at a Hungarian university, just ask our colleague Fahimeh to find the option that best suits your needs.

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