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How do I renew my Hungarian residence permit?

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How do I renew my Hungarian residence permit?

Do the groundwork in the first year

A residence permit based on business ownership in Hungary is usually granted for a year. During this year, you’ll have to do the groundwork and launch your business, and show the Immigration Office that your business is sustainable and profitable, so that it provides the necessary means for you to live in Hungary. If your spouse or children are applying for a Hungarian residence permit based on your company, the business has to make enough profit to cover their living expenses as well.

Start the renewal process on time

In order to help you prepare your application thoroughly, we ask that you contact us at least 6 weeks before your proposed date of submission of your application. This is necessary so that we can reserve an appointment at the immigration office and start preparing and collecting all necessary documents. Since the decision of the Immigration Office is based mainly on you company’s activity, it is vital to make sure your new business plan and its supporting documents are complete and well-presented.

Helpers’ renewal packages

We offer a complete residency renewal package for EUR 1000+VAT (if applicable). This includes preparing the business plan based on input from your, obtaining necessary documents from the notary, compulsory processing charges and a bilingual English-Hungarian speaker to accompany you to your appointment at the Immigration Office.

Extra costs you might encounter

There are some extra costs, not included in our Hungarian residence permit renewal package, that might apply. Depending on your country of origin, you might be required to submit Hungarian translations of certain documents certified by the official government translation agency. If your accountancy is not handled by Helpers, your accountant might charge extra for the interim balance sheet and profit and loss statement, and/or other accounting documents that need to be submitted to the Immigration Office.

Want to renew your Hungarian residence permit? Act now.

Make sure you you are still on time. Ask for expert assistance on time. Call our office Monday through Friday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. CET, or drop us an email to

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