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When does the school year in Hungary start and end?

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When does the school year in Hungary start and end?

Primary and secondary schools

In Hungarian primary and secondary schools, the school year starts on the 1st of September and ends on the 15th of June. The two and a half months in between are the summer holidays, where no regular teaching takes place, but many schools organize special summer courses or camps.


At universities, the exact start of the academic year can vary a little, but it is usually divided into two semesters. The Autumn/Fall semester starts in early on mid-September depending on the university, and classes run until early or mid-December. At the end of the semester, in December and January, the exam period takes place. Classes in the Spring semester start in early or mid-February and run until early or mid-May, with the exam period taking up May and June. University students also get roughly two months of summer holiday.

Short breaks

In addition to the long summer break, there are some shorter, usually week-long school holidays in Hungary. The fall break usually takes place around the 23rd of October of the 1st of November, both of which are bank holidays in Hungary. The spring break is scheduled to coincide with Easter (which does not have a fixed date, but usually falls at the end of March or the beginning of April) in most schools and universities.

Since the exact timing of the school breaks can vary depending on your school or university, always make sure to ask exactly when these are scheduled at your institution.

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