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Corporation tax lowered to 9% in Hungary

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Corporation tax lowered to 9% in Hungary

The corporation tax in Hungary just got as low as 9%, making Hungary one of the best countries in Europe for setting up a company. Apart from the 9% corporation tax placing Hungary among the countries with lowest tax rates, there are other factors that make it an ideal place for setting up a company.

Simple procedure

First, the incorporation process is quick and easy, usually taking only 2-3 business days. Second, as opposed to other European countries, you receive an international VAT number immediately, without any additional requirements, so you can start your international operation from day 1.

Moreover, you can decide to set up your Hungarian company through a power of attorney and only travel here for one day, for the obligatory bank account opening – which we will arrange for you!

Want to know more details about the benefits of opening a company in Hungary?

Hungary is one of the most affordable countries in Europe, so you can expect your operational costs and living expenses to be minimal. You can hire great professional workforce at a fraction of Western European wages.

Also, you can take advantage of the country’s central location in Europe and the good infrastructure connecting you with your partners. This can be an important factor if your business has trading aspects.

There are multiple benefits to setting up a company in Hungary, besides the 9% corporation tax.

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