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Client-centered accountancy service in Budapest

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Client-centered accountancy service in Budapest

Congratulations, you just set up your brand new company in Hungary, the country with the lowest corporate tax in Europe! To run your company smoothly and make sure it complies with laws and regulations, you will need one more thing: an accountant. But how to identify a client-centered accountancy service provider?

Accounting in Hungary

It is compulsory for every company in Hungary to have an accountant at all times. This is so even if the company is not doing anything for a few months. Now, this is not just you paying for nothing. Even when a company has no income or purchases, the accountant will still have to submit monthly, quarterly and yearly reports to the authorities. Plus, there are a number of ad-hoc request for information from different government offices that have to be answered within a relatively short time.

Premium accountancy from Helpers

Helpers offers a client-centered accountancy service for foreign small and medium sized companies. We have over 12 years of experience with this specific clientele, meaning we know exactly what you will need. So what are your advantages when choosing Helpers for accounting? Let us count the ways.

1. Fluent English

Yes, we also wish this would go without saying, but sadly, experience tells us otherwise. Most Hungarian accountants do not speak fluent English, or there is only one person at the company who does. This leads to mistakes and longer processing times due to things getting lost in translation.

At Helpers, all members of our accounting team are proficient in not only English, but also in customer communication. This means that you will always get the information you need in a structured, understandable manner.

2. Availability

Your can reach our accounting team by phone, email or schedule a personal meeting. We answer your queries in a timely manner, making sure your business processes will not be paused unnecessarily.

3. Bridging the cultural gap

We know that you are not familiar with Hungarian taxation rules. This is why we provide you with an information booklet that contains the most important things you need to know. In addition, we will notify you every month regarding the materials and information we need from you. We also remind you of the deadlines you should keep in mind well in advance.

4. All-inclusive service

Many accounting firms have very low monthly fees, but they charge extra for every report, every audit and every minute of consultation. Our accountancy packages were designed to include all the things you will typically require, so you will face no unexpected charges.

All in all, we want your experience in Hungary to be a positive one! Our team is friendly and flexible, eager to find a suitable solution for every customer. This is what we mean by providing a client-centered accountancy service. Contact us for a tailored offer for your company!

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