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Blue Card Application – Get a European Residence Permit now

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Blue Card Application – Get a European Residence Permit now

Blue card application has never been so easy! Just apply for residency in Hungary – and you have already gained access to the safe environment and stable market of the European Union.

So, what is a Blue Card?

A Blue card is your ticket to Europe. It is a European residency or citizenship, which grants you free movement in Europe. These documents are usually referred to as “blue card” on the analogy of the America green card.

Since Hungary is a member state of the EU, a residence permit in Hungary is at the same time a residence permit in the Schengen zone and in the European Union. This way, with a Hungarian residence permit, you gain access to the European market. This makes Hungary an ideal destination for business immigration.

Blue Card application through Hungary

The easiest way towards a Hungarian residence permit (and getting your blue card) is through setting up and running a company in Hungary. This is possible even for non-EU nationalities, and within just 4-5 working days. You will automatically receive your EU VAT number as well, while corporate tax here is only 10%, the lowest in Europe.

UPDATE: Corporate tax in Hungary is 9% as of 1 January, 2017. For more information, read our article here.

The cheapest blue card program

Also, now the Hungarian government is offering the opportunity for any nationalities to invest EUR 300,000 into government bonds. The period of the investment is 5 years, at the end of which the investment sum is fully returned. The processing fee is only EUR 60,000, which makes this the cheapest package for acquiring a residence permit in the Schengen area and thus a blue card. Moreover, if you apply on June, you receive a special discount of EUR 2,000!

For more information, please write a letter to our expert Mo Shaban to, or call our office at +36.1.317.8570. You may also click here for a the most up-to-date and detailed description of the program.

UPDATE: with 1 January 2015, the face value of the investment has been increased to EUR 300,000 and the processing fee to EUR 60,000.

Last Updated 26.11.2019

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