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Why should I use an invoicing program in Hungary?

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Why should I use an invoicing program in Hungary?

A properly issued invoice is essential for keeping your company compliant. Without it, you might be faced with being charged extra hours for accountancy, tax audits and even fines.

In many European countries, invoices can be issued by Word or Excel. However, Hungarian companies must either use an official invoice booklet or an invoicing software licensed by the Hungarian Tax Office. Let’s look why you should use an invoicing program in Hungary.

Overcoming the language barrier

The first advantage of using invoicing software is overcoming the language barrier: many invoicing programs are available in English, French, or other languages. This makes it easy for you to use it without having someone translate for you. You can also issue bilingual invoices, so your business partners will have no problems processing them.

Stay up to date with regulations

Second, since these programs are licensed by the Hungarian authorities, they are constantly updated to keep up with the European regulations. This saves you having to constantly read up on the changes yourself.

Easily share information

The software stores information digitally, making it easy to send it to your accountant. Since your accountant has to spend less time on inputting the data in their system, using an invoicing program can help you save on accounting costs.


Furthermore, these programs can do more than just issue invoices. There are complex solutions on the market helping you deal with stock-taking, cashflow and collections. This offers an all-in-one solution for the needs of a fully operational business.

There are several options and packages you can choose from the programs on offer. Depending on your business volume, that is, the your revenue or the number of invoices you issue, you can choose the solution that suits you best.

Naturally, and invoicing program will cost more than an invoice booklet. Nevertheless, considering all the added benefits and the amount of work hours you save, it is worth the investment for a company with a regular number of sales.

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