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Where can I find halal food in Hungary?

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Where can I find halal food in Hungary?

If you’re a practicing muslim visiting Hungary or even considering moving here, an important concern is to know where you can find halal food, whether you’re looking for restaurants you can go out to or shops where you can buy ingredients to cook at home. While Hungary does not have a long tradition of halal cuisine, thanks to the capital, Budapest, and other big cities becoming increasingly cosmopolitan in recent decades, there is a variety of halal restaurants of different nationalities and price ranges to choose from.

Our staff picks

Luckily, with sites like TripAdvisor, you can easily search for halal restaurants in Budapest here. We would like to recommend a number of places from this list. Mo Shaban, Helpers’ Sales Manager from Iran, assures us that the best Persian food to be had is at Darband in the 5th district. The online reviews are also raving about their kebabs. Also to be found in the 5th district, Al-Amir offers the best of Syrian cuisine and comes heartily recommended by our Assistant Account Manager Fahimeh Karimi. And if you’re looking for Indian food, Curry House, started with the assistance of Helpers, is one of the best in Budapest and serves halal food in the 8th district.

Try kosher places

Hungary also has a rich tradition of kosher restaurants thanks to the Jewish community living here. According to Islamic Sharia Law, Muslims can eat in Jewish restaurants where they serve kosher as well as halal food, since the two sets of regulations have very much in common, with kosher rules even being stricter on some counts. Most kosher restaurants can be found in the 7th district of Budapest, the site of the former ghetto. The restaurant Carmel offers traditional Jewish and kosher Hungarian dishes, giving you a great opportunity to try Hungarian cuisine without having to worry about eating pork or other non-halal foods, while Hanna offers more modern and international dishes.

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