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When in doubt, ask the Immigration Office directly

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When in doubt, ask the Immigration Office directly

Are you worried about the new Hungarian immigration law? Are you looking for rock solid information? Not sure who to trust? You can ask the Hungarian Immigration Office directly, through their dedicated line, as well as by visiting them in person at their office closest to you.

Information line at the Immigration Office

To help third-country nationals living in Hungary better understand the new Hungarian immigration law and answer questions relevant to their specific situation, the Immigration Office has created an information line.

  • Call: +36 1 463 92 92
  • When: Monday to Thursday between 8 am and 4 pm, and Friday between 8 am and 1:30 pm
  • Talk to an expert in English

Calling the information line, you can

  • explain your situation and your plans to an expert working at the Immigration Office
  • discuss which type(s) of residency you are eligible for
  • learn when and how you should apply

Please note, however, that you cannot ask about the status of your application on this information line. The officers are not allowed to provide information about ongoing cases on the phone, only in email or in person.

Ask your questions in writing

If you prefer emails to making a call, you can also ask your questions in an email in English, and you will get an answer, although it might take some time, at least a few working days. Just write a letter to the following address:

Ask your questions in person

If you do not receive a satisfying answer to your questions regarding your situation, you can still visit the immigration Office in person and talk to an expert there. Mind you, in this case you will need to wait in line, and officers are typically busy with cases all day.

We are doing our part

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