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When do you actually need an immigration lawyer in Hungary?

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When do you actually need an immigration lawyer in Hungary?

In our last article, we discussed that you do not necessarily need an immigration lawyer in Hungary to apply for residency or citizenship: your case is normally in better hands with an immigration agency such ash Helpers Hungary. At the same time, in some cases we will also direct you to a trusted lawyer partner: let’s see when that can happen!

1. Application procedure expected to be difficult

Sometimes we can see from the start that an application procedure will be difficult. This might have several reasons, for example, if:

  • The applicant has a complicated family situation.
  • The applicant has been previously refused a Schengen visa or residency.
  • The finances of the applicant are not transparent enough.

In such cases, it makes sense to work with an immigration lawyer right from the start to identify the weak spots of the application and clear up any confusions even before the authorities might raise a complaint.

2. Counsel at an administrative hearing

An administrative hearing is a formal legal, quasi-judicial proceeding, where minutes are taken. If there is an issue with your residency, the Immigration Office might summon you for such a hearing. If that happens, it is recommended to have a lawyer by your side for counsel, although it is not mandatory.

A typical example for such a hearing is if your residency expired and you forgot to renew it, so you stayed in Hungary without a valid residence permit.

3. Second instance at the court of appeal

If your residency application is rejected, the agency handling your case can submit an appeal to that decision. If that appeal is rejected, you can still appeal to the court of second instance. However, this second appeal can only be handled by a lawyer.

Work with an immigration agency like Helpers

As you can see, working with an immigration lawyer in Hungary is required only in some specific cases. Even if you expect difficulties with your residency application, it makes sense to start the procedure with an immigration agency like Helpers Hungary, which has a dedicated team ready to answer your questions and guide you on your residency or citizenship journey through a well-oiled workflow.

Our team of professionals have the right experience to decide if you need an immigration lawyer in Hungary at any point of the procedure. Should that be the case, we can put you in touch with one of our trusted partners, and help you interpret and act upon their advice.

About Helpers Hungary

Helpers was started in 2005, and our team of professionals have been providing administrative assistance to expats, foreigners moving Hungary to live, work, or do business here ever since. Whether you need help with residency, work permit, or citizenship application, or even with company setup or accountancy, you can count on our expert team and our extensive network of providers, that naturally includes immigration lawyers too.

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