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Student Visa in Hungary

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Student Visa in Hungary

Want to learn in Europe? Come to Hungary. Several universities and colleges offer top-notch programs in English, so you will surely find the education you look for. While students coming from EU member states may come to Hungary without any fuss, students from outside Europe will need a student permit for their stay. Getting a student visa is quite simple, but you might need some help to deal with Hungarian authorities. No worries – Helpers is here to help you!

What do you need to do in order to get your Hungarian student visa?

  • Find a school where you want to learn, apply and enroll – we can even help you with this
  • Get a proof of admission from your school
  • Find a place to live
  • Prove that you have the necessary funds to stay in Hungary
  • Provide proof that you have medical coverage
  • Show that you will be able to return home when your education is finished (e.g. your passport will still be valid, you have your ticket home, or you have the funds to buy it when time comes)

If you hand in all the documents, you get your student visa in 15 days, so don’t forget to apply in time! This is true for renewals as well, as student visas are valid for only two years most, while your education may take longer.

Please note: Helpers no longer provides stand-alone student visa application assistance. If you need help, contact your university for guidance, since many universities offer information at their admission offices.

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