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Personal assistant in Budapest

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Personal assistant in Budapest

Moving to a new country, even a new continent, can be a great adventure, but at the same time it might be an overwhelming experience. But you do not have to be alone. If you want to  get help, you just have to reach out to find a personal assistant in Budapest.

While everything is new around you: the language, the people, the streets, the food, not to mention the administrative procedures, it is not easy to concentrate on problem solving – while the issue in question might not even be a “problem” in your country of origin. However, if you have someone by your side, you can rest assured that everything will get sorted out in the end.

Problem solving

Helpers has a solution for every scenario. Do you need someone to take you to open a bank account, register into the social security system, or get your tax number? Do you need someone to drive you to a meeting, or wait in your house for the chimney-sweeper while you are away? Do you need someone to accompany you when you want some paperwork get done, or do you want someone to carry out tasks on their own?

No problem. Our personal assistants fluent in English can even handle smaller administrative tasks, so you can get everything done in no time, without any stress involved.

Get help with any task

For more information about our personal assistance service, please check out our service page here. If you need a personal assistant in Budapest, please let us know exactly what you need, so we can prepare a quote tailored to your specific situation, and make arrangements accordingly. You are also welcome to call our office at +36.1.317.8570, or to write a letter to We will be happy to assist you!

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