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“National Card”: special residency benefits for several additional countries

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“National Card”: special residency benefits for several additional countries

The National Card (Nemzeti Kártya) is a new type of resident permit introduced with the new immigration law in 2024. This permit was originally offered only to Serbian and Ukrainian citizens but this list has now been expanded. This type of residency is extremely advantageous (see below) and is the best option for employees or business owners from the eligible countries.

Hungarian residency with the National Card

The National Card is one of the most favorable options for obtaining Hungarian residency, whether you are interested in getting employed or starting a business in Hungary. The benefits are:

  • No special or high qualifications are required
  • Valid for 2 years, may be extended for another 3
  • Family unification available
  • Permanent residency available after at least 3 years
  • If you want to change status, you can apply for another type of Hungarian residency without leaving Hungary

All of these benefits make this type of residency much more attractive than regular work permit, and from July 9th, 2024, nationals of eight countries are eligible to apply.

Extended list of eligible countries

Up till now, the National Card was available only to Serbian and Ukrainian applicants. However, the list has been significantly extended, and now it includes several other countries of origin.

Previous listCurrent list
Bosnia and Herzegovina
North Macedonia

The first step towards long-term life in the EU

The National Card is an easy and quick way to get residency for yourself and your family, and unlike many other permit types, this can lead to permanent residency, or eventually citizenship. What is more, since status change is freely available as well, once you are based in Hungary, you can explore other options too.

Can we help you?

If you want to move your business to Hungary or bring talent to Hungary from the above listed countries, we would be happy to assist you. Helpers has 20 years of experience providing business and immigration assistance to clients from all over the world, and our team of professionals is always committed to the goals of our clients. We would be happy to help you too.

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