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Immigration to Hungary in light of the recent ‘migrant crisis’ – Will it affect you?

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Immigration to Hungary in light of the recent ‘migrant crisis’ – Will it affect you?

Due to Hungary’s recent presence in international news in relation to Europe’s influx of refugees, many of our clients and partners have expressed concern and contacted us with questions. To put things in perspective, we have collected the most relevant facts that are perhaps not immediately obvious from the press and other media:

  • In (Hungarian) press, “immigration” often gets mixed with “illegal immigration” and “seeking asylum”. In particular, many statements and news that are currently discussed in the media as issues of “immigration” actually refer to illegal immigration only, or pertain specifically to asylum seekers. Other forms of (legal) immigration are not affected by recent events but this is not often pointed out in the press.
  • Unlike our clients, refugees entering Hungary apply not for “residency” but for “refugee status”. While their application for this status is under consideration, they are provided shelter in camps. If they are granted asylum, they can leave the camps, and live and work in Hungary.
  • Businessmen who set up a company or purchase the residency bonds apply for a “resident permit”. This procedure is completely different from the procedure followed by refugees, so changes in the EU’s immigration policy with regard to refugees and asylum seekers will not influence business residency.
  • Unrelated to the ‘migrant crisis’, legal immigration to Hungary is higher than ever. The number of resident permits issued in the first half of 2015 was nearly 20% higher than the number of permits granted in the first six months of 2014.
  • The Hungarian Immigration Office handles residency applications as per usual procedure. There has been no official or observable change in policies and procedures. Difficulties sometimes arise as part of this procedure, but they do so all the time. It is important to know that the usual ways of application and appeal are still available and will remain so.
  • There is some perceptible tension in Hungary, especially in or around refugee camps, borders, or sometimes at railway stations, where many refugees are gathering. However, there is no public safety issue, and conflicts between migrants and locals or police are very localized and much less frequent than the media suggests.

If you have any concerns, questions or queries regarding the current situation of immigration to Hungary, please do not hesitate to contact us at, or at our office on +36.1.317.8570. We would be happy to provide assistance or direct you to the proper authorities. As always, Helpers seeks to be your trusted partner and voice of reason in Hungary, and your gateway to work, business and life in Europe.

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