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Immigrate to Europe from South Africa

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Immigrate to Europe from South Africa

Move your business and family to Hungary and start anew in Europe! In Hungary, company formation is just a few days, while you and your family can get your residents permits in a few months after application.

Immigrate to Europe

If you come from South Africa, you will see that Hungary, just like all Western European countries, has a well developed infrastructure and plenty of business opportunities. As Hungary lies in the heart of Europe, you can reach every major European city from Budapest, the capital, in just a few hours, whether you prefer travelling by car, by train, or by plane.

The advanced infrastructure includes good public safety as well. The volume of violent crimes is generally low, while online data transfer is also safe, thanks to the relevant strict regulations. Internet banking is customary, and it makes both your private and business transactions very convenient.

In general, life in Hungary offers you the same options and opportunities you have in Western Europe, and the same living standards, while living costs are much lower, which make moving to Hungary really cost-effective.

Relocate your business and your family

Hungary offers simple and quick business immigration to businesspeople who want to move to Europe. Company formation itself just takes a few business days, and thank to the immediate EU VAT number, you can start trading internationally right away, with any country – including South Africa. You can also take advantage of the 9% corporate tax, the lowest in Europe. Based on your business operation, you can apply for Hungarian residency for yourself and your immediate family members (spouse and underage children), which is granted in just a few months.

Bring along your dogs – they are family too

When moving to Hungary, you can also bring along your pets. You just need the right documentation, a “pet passport” confirming your pets are properly marked and vaccinated.

Buy property in Hungary

In Hungary, you can buy property regardless of nationality: it does not matter whether you are from the EU or from South Africa. Whether you want to buy real estate for rental purposes, as the headquarters of your business, or as a home for your family, you will find that Hungary offers attractive options, for fraction prices compared to Western Europe.

Wish to proceed? Let us know!

If you want to learn more about moving to Hungary with your family and setting up a business here, just send us a message, and tell us more about your plans. We will be by your side throughout the whole process of relocation to Hungary.

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