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Hungarian Residency Bond Program

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Hungarian Residency Bond Program

As you may be aware, Hungary has recently introduced a program granting permanent Schengen residency to investors. Through the Hungarian Residency Bond Program, all nationalities are eligible to receive a permanent resident permit for themselves and their families in exchange for a 250-thousand-euro safe and guaranteed investment into Hungarian government bonds. The minimum length of the program is 5 years.

HELPERS is the only participating agency with 10 years’ experience in business immigration and residency services in Hungary – our clients receive VIP treatment and personalized assistance throughout the Hungarian Investment Immigration process. Our fee structure is the cheapest on the market:

• investment amount: EUR 250,000
• processing fee: EUR 40,000

The processing fee includes not only the services of the investment agency and lawyers handling the investment but also HELPERS VIP assistance throughout the process. Download our free brochure here: Hungarian Residency Bond Program PDF Brochure

Read more about the program here: Hungarian Residency Bond Program

Please note: it has been proposed to parliament to raise the face value of the investment to EUR 300,000 from 1 January 2015, and probably the government processing fee would also be raised to EUR 60,000. This way the application for the program would cost EUR 360,000. The Hungarian package would remain the cheapest on the market, but if you apply now, you can still save EUR 70,000.

Call us now on +36-1-317-8570 and receive free information, or write an email to our immigration specialist Mo Shaban.

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